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Some states require regular safety inspections and/or emissions inspections on cars and trucks. At Classic Fleet Management, Inc., we are well-equipped and trained to perform these Medium & Heavy duty truck & trailer inspections. Our technicians can also perform multi-point inspections on your units as needed.

These are some of the inspection services we offer.

Federal DOT Inspections
These inspections are for commercial vehicles crossing state lines that are tagged in states that do not require a state inspection. These inspections can be performed mobile and onsite. Classic Fleet Management, Inc. is equipped and trained to perform DOT inspections where ever you may need it.

TX State Commercial Inspection Station
TX state commercial inspection stations are privately owned, but government certified, inspection stations throughout TX. Classic Fleet Management, Inc. is a TX state inspection station. This covers any Commercial unit over 26,001 LBS of GVW, or any unit requiring a Hazardous material placard. By state law, Inspections must be done at Classic Fleet Management, Inc.'s building by our in-house certified and licensed state inspectors. For your state inspection needs visit or call our office at 817-479-8579.

Exhaust Related FAQs

What is a rough idle?
A rough idle describes a vehicle's engine with spark plugs that are not firing correctly when the vehicle is in park, with no gas applied. Most vehicles idle between 600 and 1,200 RPM and should hold their idle speed consistently.

Can you put any exhaust on any car?
Not every exhaust will fit every car. Compatibility isn't just about car make and model; engine specs, optional extras, and even trim levels can influence the fit. Make sure you consider not just the make and model, but also engine details, fancy extras, and even trim levels before getting your heart set on a shiny new system.

Why is smoke coming out of my tailpipe?
The most common reason for thick smoke coming out of your car's exhaust pipe is the fuel to air ratio in your engine is too rich. This means that the fuel injectors are either adding too much fuel or that the intake valves aren't letting enough air in. This is caused by a cracked or leaking fuel injector, a failing O2 sensor, or air filter that needs replacing.

Catalytic Converter FAQs

Can I drive with the catalytic converter light on?
A bad catalytic converter can increase your car's exhaust emissions, but it does not prevent you from driving. At Classic Fleet Management, Inc. we know this is true. A clogged catalytic converter will eventually affect the performance of your vehicle in Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Keller and Grapevine. Exhaust gases will not escape easily and create an increase in exhaust gas pressure. The buildup in pressure can lead to high-cost repair bills in the future.

What can cause a catalytic converter light to come on?
A catalytic converter helps reduce harmful engine emissions from entering the air by breaking down the harmful byproduct of internal combustion into less-harmful compounds. If your catalytic converter isn't working properly the check engine light will come on. The most common causes for a catalytic convert warning light to display are a clogged, cracked or melted converter. Sometimes the problem isn't the catalytic converter at all but an exhaust leak letting gases out of the system before it reaches the converter.

What happens to your car after the catalytic converter gets taken?
Removing the catalytic converter has a dramatic impact on your vehicle's acoustics. A deep, loud roar replaces the engine's usual hum, intensifying as you accelerate. Additionally, expect rough transitions and sputtering sounds when shifting gears, indicating impaired performance and potential engine damage.

To learn more about our Inspection and Emission services, call us at 817-479-8579 or request a quote by clicking below:

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